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Bourgeois R.E.D.D.ís Quick College Meatless Lasagna Recipie
This dish is special to me. I have cooked it for the most wonderful of people especially my Sands! This dish has been used to feed good people when they were hungry, drunk, in love or depressed. So with love I give you my Soul Food...
Ingriedients: -1 Package of Lasagna Noodles -4 Cans of Spaghetti Sauce(with a flavor of your preference -3 Bell Peppers -2 Onions -1 Celery Stalk -8 Dashes of Secret Seasoning(but you can make a good lasagna without it!) -1 Phat Package of Already Grated Cheese (who has time to grate cheese?) Directions: Boil water in a big pot Put Noodles in the big pot when water boils Chop Veggies into small pieces Put Veggies in a pan to sautee (fry for the real b-folx) When Veggies have been fried to death Put the 4 cans of sauce into a large pot and simmer Put Lasagna noodles in a long lasagna pan Put cheese on top of noodles Then top cheese with piping hot sauce Repeat this layering Put finished, layered lasagna in oven for twenty minutes Let cool off for twenty minutes
I dedicate this dish to: My Mother who taught me How to Cook Soul Food ...With Love Loving is You is Like Food to My Soul
My Sands of Spring 1997 KAPTIV8HER-who ate all of my Soul Food
If you have any Soul Food Dishes to add email me or hit me up in the guestbook. I will add you and your Soul Food to My Favorite Dish Page
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