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It's All About ME...Ten Times!!!

Greetings to Everyone out there in NET-Land! You Have Finally Reached My Very First WebPage! And I am Very Excited about it! So Read on!! Don't Forget to tell me what you Think in my Guest Book!
Name: Sharelle Desiree Lowery

Nick Names: Precious, Rella Precious rella Love Bourgeois Redd Bougie, TEN CLUB, Bouge-don't ask, Pumpkin, and my personal favorite...B'Gorgeous!

Likes: Men! Namely Big, Cute, Funny Men With Great Smiles and Great Mouths! Like Maxwell and Genuwine My Sorority: Everybodies Dream... The Devestating Diva's of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc... The Only Ladies of The So Beautiful, So Regal... Crimson and Cream! 1913 was such an Incomperable Year Favorite Things: My Mommie, My Sisters The Number 10, March 9th-so special, so special, Genuwine, RED, Watching La Bamba on Sunday Afternoons, Good Friends, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated Xi Chi Chapter Fire N' Ice My Sisters: Crazy Shamisha-with countless boyfriends... And Player of the Year, Sharne' Be Out Sisters! Hometown:I am From OAKLAND, Always Dippin'...Never Slippin'! Education:I went to Holy Names High School, an all girls school And I ALWAYS had a FINE Prom Date! Aspirations:I would like to be Working for a Fortune 500 Company by the time I am 30 in an Executive position. BUT... I would LOVE to be an Art Buyer for a Large museum Like the Louvre or The California Palace of the Legion of Honnor, My Favorite Era was the Renaissance Era, Yet I am torn between two wonderful artists And Niether of them are from the Renaissance Hieronymous Bosch & Salvador Dali.

"The Arts Immitate Life and Are Important To Our Culture."
Dislikes: Bills, Boring-Put You to Sleep-Ferris Beuller Professors, Annoying Men, Foxy/Sly...You Feel Me DeltaQte! Best Friends: Mommie, Krystal Shields, Andrea Williams, Jaime Dotson, Subie Shaw-Viva South Afica Shaunda Smith
I Can't Believe Y'all Put up with me!
Hit Me Up!

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