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Why I LOVE My Mama!!

I love my MAMA!
There is no questioning it!
She is the only person 
in my life 
that loves me 
I remember being 
a little girl 
and having Mommie be 
the most important thing 
in my life!
She made me smile! 
And was the ruler of my life!
It was like having my own personal Queen!
I lived to please my mother!

Thank You, MOM!
Without you 
I would Not be
who I am.  
I could not stand erect
without you 
as my pillar of strenth.
You will always be
Number One in My Heart, MAMA
Loving You is Like Food to My Soul
And I never want to go a single DAY
 without hearing 
the lovely sound of your voice!

There were days when I know you
Wanted to kill me!
Those days are long since over
And loving you is like 
Tears from the Stars.
I will be with you 
wherever you are.

I Love You Mama!